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CytoSorb® HemoDefend™
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BetaSorb™ is designed  as an adjunctive treatment to traditional high-flux hemodialysis  for the treatment of chronic kidney failure. The National Institutes of Health estimated that $63 billion was spent in the U.S. in 2009 for the care of nearly 900,000 patients with end-stage kidney failure.  The National Kidney Foundation estimates that 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD), a condition in which the kidneys fail to fully perform their normal functions including:
• Regulating body water and chemicals such as sodium, potassium, phosphorous, and calcium
• Removing drugs and toxins introduced into the body
• Releasing hormones into the body in order to regulate blood pressure,
   produce red blood cells, and promote strong bones.
The BetaSorb™ technology targets middle molecular weight toxins not cleared well by hemodialysis.  The marker is Beta2-microglobulin (β2M). Studies show that reduced levels of β2M lead to a reduction in morbidities like amyloidosis, hospital stays, and lowers mortality rates compared to patients on high-flux hemodialysis.

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