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CytoSorb® HemoDefend™
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HemoDefend™ is an extension of CytoSorbents’ powerful bead-based blood purification technology and is designed to improve the safety and quality of the blood supply. Each year, there are an estimated 100 million transfusions of blood products worldwide, each with a 1-5% risk of a transfusion reaction. These reactions can be as mild as fever or shortness of breath, to potentially life-threatening transfusion related acute lung injury (TRALI) and anaphylaxis. These reactions are linked to antibodies, cytokines, toxins, bioactive lipids, free hemoglobin, and other inflammatory mediators from either the blood donor, or from de novo generation during blood storage. HemoDefend™ is capable of removing many of these contaminants from packed red blood cells (pRBCs), the major transfused blood product, potentially reducing the risk of transfusion reactions. This is especially important in critically-ill patients that are at high risk of transfusion reactions.

In addition to transfusion reactions, there is an ongoing controversy in transfusion medicine on whether “old blood” is “bad blood”. There is a substantial amount of research demonstrating biochemical, structural and functional changes in pRBCs over time. In addition, a number of retrospective trials have linked the use of old blood with a higher risk of adverse outcomes, including mortality. Two ongoing clinical trials, RECESS and ABLE, have been designed to prospectively assess the risk of aged blood. If positive, it would have major implications on a blood supply that is already plagued by recurrent shortages. HemoDefend™ could represent a near-term solution that could help keep new blood fresh and extend the life of blood.

HemoDefend™ beads can be implemented in a number of ways. The first is an in-line filter between the blood bag and the patient, used at the time of transfusion. The second is a more innovative patent-pending approach called “Beads in a Bag”, which allows purification of blood during the entire refrigerated storage period. This configuration takes advantage of the high biocompatibility of the HemoDefend beads, allowing the beads to have extended contact with blood without causing damage to the cells. Also, because the beads are neutrally buoyant and are suspended in the blood, the blood storage bag does not need to be mixed. An integrated bead filter retains the beads in the blood bag during transfusion. This low cost purification technology requires no machines, no electricity, no energy source, or other manipulation. Because of this, it is an ideal blood purification strategy for not only mainstream blood treatment applications, but also for military and developing nation applications where simple and robust are operative words.

In 2013 and 2015, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a division of the NIH, awarded CytoSorbents a $203,000 Phase I SBIR contract and a $1.5M Phase II SBIR contract to help advance HemoDefend™ towards commercialization. CytoSorbents is collaborating with Dr. Larry J. Dumont, Director of the Center for Transfusion Medicine Research and Associate Professor of Pathology at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, on this project.

HemoDefend™ is a late-development stage technology platform that is available for out-licensing to potential partners.

HemoDefend™ Product Overview Brochure - 2013

HemoDefend™ American Association of Blood Bank Conference 2015 Poster

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